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Whiteoak Harvest Mazo de la Roche

Whiteoak Harvest

Mazo de la Roche

Published 1971
Mass Market Paperback
255 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I really like WHITEOAK HARVEST. Its pure melodrama, its silly and outrageous, but its certainly a page-turner. It presents the Whiteoaks as tumultuous, bigger-than-life characters in crisis. Here we have two marriages heading for the toilet. Can either union be saved?(1) The Alayne-Renny Split: Alayne learns of Rennys affair and runs away to live with an aunt in New York. More angst. To complicate matters shes pregnant with Rennys child but doesnt know it yet! Will these two ever be able to reconcile? And more importantly, can Alayne ever truly forgive him for straying? And it doesnt help that Edens posthumous love child is now introduced into the Whiteoak family...(2) The Finch-Sarah Split: Finch suffers a breakdown, turns against his weird wife Sarah and runs away from her. To complicate matters, Sarah now holds the mortgage on Jalna and threatens to foreclose. Yikes! Always a strange woman, she becomes a full-blown baddie here. Will Finch regain his sanity? And if he does---will he, can he ever love Sarah again?Dont prejudge this book, just enjoy it. Its pure soap opera. But its a much better read than THE MASTER OF JALNA, which took so many of the characters down the wrong paths. WHITEOAK HARVEST comes full circle and brings these same characters back to the where they ought to be. And thats what makes it a good read.