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The Wurd Chris Wilson

The Wurd

Chris Wilson

Published 1996
ISBN : 9780006546887
272 pages
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 About the Book 

When I first encountered it in a bookshop, I was wary, because of the style. I asked the three friends who were with me whether I should buy it: one said no, another yes, and the third I dunno. So that didnt help. I bought it because I had refrained from buying the last time I was there, and why not. Im very happy I did. The style turns the prose to poetry, in addition to being very relevant to the point of the book. Very Clockwork Orangey, in that respect. And its purpose? Well, the book is a philosophical mediation on the effect of language on human beings (pursins) - especially the negative effects. I find the writers description of early human culture to be very believable and satisfying, despite the fact that this is (nor does it pretend to be) historically accurate. I appreciated how it illuminated the artificial nature of all cultures (and morals) since the beginning to today. It was also a brave book, I think, because some of it is quite hard to read. Its very well-crafted, leaving me nodding, astounded and delighted with every new section. I would give have given it five stars, only it seemed to lose steam a bit towards the end. The beginning and middle, however, are perfection.